Primary School Program (Year 1 to Year 4)

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Year 1 to Year 4 Emotional Literacy Programs

Shaping Positive Futures

Transform your primary school classrooms into nurturing spaces where every child feels supported and understood. Our Year 1 to Year 4 programs are designed to address the behavioral and emotional needs of young learners, fostering a serene and productive atmosphere. By nurturing compassion and empathy, we aim to enhance students' self-esteem, providing them with the foundational skills for lifelong success.

Embrace a series of engaging, daily activities and games that not only captivate young minds but also promote continued mental and emotional well-being. Our carefully crafted content ensures that every interaction is an opportunity for growth. All catered to easily fit into a busy curriculum schedule.

ELMA is a leader in emotional literacy and mindset development, dedicated to fostering progress in educational achievement and emotional health. Our programs are tailored to empower primary school educators with the skills to nurture emotional intelligence in their students, through a flexible, self-paced professional learning framework.

Our pioneering family integration model sets our programs apart, fostering a holistic approach to emotional learning. By extending the educational journey from the classroom to the home, we provide a six-month program that encourages families to actively participate in reinforcing and deepening the emotional skills their children learn at school. This strategy is key to our commitment to sustainable behavioral growth.

Further supporting our educators, we offer a comprehensive one-hour Professional Development (PD) session that introduces the neuroscience behind emotional intelligence, equipping teachers with the knowledge to lead with confidence.

We believe that emotional intelligence and a growth mindset are essential for creating meaningful impacts that resonate through our schools, communities, and across the globe. Let's collaborate to build a brighter, more emotionally resilient future for our children.










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Meeting the Personal and Social Capability Learning Continuum Framework

The Emotional Literacy & Mindset program provides explicit teaching of personal and social capabilities that support resilience and wellbeing.

The skills taught are under four fundamental areas: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness and Social Management.

The four fundamental areas meet the required Australian Curriculum Assessment & Reporting Authority standards under the Personal and Social Capability Learning Continuum.

What's in the program?

  • Free teacher orientation pre-recorded video

  • Contains all materials to deliver the program to children in the classroom

  • Contains complete online self-paced teacher training

  • Contains accompanying downloadable teachers classroom manual with lesson plans

  • Teachers guideline book with complete navigation summary and curriculum standard alignment requirements under social and emotional learning continuum

  • Explicit teaching model with all the work done for you

  • Designed for a busy curriculum with 10 – 15 minute daily exercises

  • Creates a positive start to every child and teacher’s day, with a peaceful and productive classroom

What Do Our Clients Say?

"We have seen this program improve the state of calm in the children, there have been visible improvements in the childrens social and emotional development, our teachers are even using it at home with their kids and their partners."

"Feedback from parents was positive, many making the comment that their child was more relaxed and in a happier space. I felt the program supported the children's emotional well-being and sense of calm.."

"The children have enjoyed the program so far, and most activities are levelled at the age groups we teach.  We have found that some of the children have been using the language of ELMA and supporting others when needing tools to regulate emotions."

Take a look at our program in action in preparing children for the primary school program.

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